What are donations used for?

  • Approximately 95% of the funds you donate go directly towards providing the academic scholarships we administer for Malawi students selected for accredited post-secondary programs in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM). Approximately 5% of donations are set-aside to offset travel and lodging in-country by our volunteers for the purposes of interviewing candidates, surveying STEM programs and assessing the progress of students receiving our support.
  • MTF academic scholarships stipulate the particular educational institution to be attended, which must be in-country or regional. Scholarships are tailored to the demonstrated need of the candidates, and typically cover tuition, travel, lodging and meal expenses. Stipends may also granted to facilitate the application process, for students with demonstrated needs.
  • Scholarships are granted on a term-to-term basis and continuity requires the maintenance of strict grade-point performance, as well as a prescribed level of community service.
  • MTF will provide open access to our bookkeeping and scholastic records, currently under development for donor auditing.
  • STEM programs we support may include accredited vocational (trade) curriculum, post-baccalaureate (post graduate) study including medical or dental curricula.
  • Overhead operational expenses, are currently donated pro bono by MTF volunteers. This is subject to modification as the organization grows, and the addition of employees becomes necessary.

Regional Focus

  • MTF recognizes that academic institutions supporting STEM curricula are limited within Malawi, and therefore focus on academic programs within the region i.e. south & southeast Africa
  • We encourage students to apply to programs in the region, to minimize travel expense, and support the growth of regional institutions
  • Malawi students seeking support for programs outside the region are generally directed to alternative financial support organizations.

Selection Process

  • Malawi students possessing the Malawi Secondary Certificate of Education (MSCE), or who are enrolled in Form 4 of secondary school and anticipate receiving the MSCE may request an application package from MTF.
  • Our evaluation process for scholarship applicants includes assessment of financial need, academic performance, communication skills, the planned course of study and personnel references.